Organization from a custom closet, custom home office, laundry room system and bookcases systems is important on so many levels. However adding accessories to these rooms will add the finishing touches that not only become helpful but also compliment your beautiful new rooms.

We offer most accessories in several finishes, polished chrome is still the favorite but not far behind is the oil bronze, nickel, satin chrome and black pearl is also available. Scroll to the right and see the many accessories that can be part of you closet, office, laundry and pantry.

The kids get a big kick out of the bright colors that we offer for their closets. Those accessories not only adorn their closets but invites the kids to put their stuff away. 

Our telescopic valet rods always have a spot in your closets. It offers the flexibility to select your clothes for the next day or for travel.  How about hiding you hamper behind a tilt-down system. 

Our male clients fall in love with the extended pant rack, doing away with the hanger is a good thing.  One of our newer accessories is the PressFix Ironing Board. When not in use is is folded on a shelf in your closet or laundry room. When opened it swivels 180 degrees. It almost makes you enjoy ironing…almost. 

In addition to our closet and pantry accessories which are to many to mention we have much more to show you when we visit you for a consultation in your home.