About Mudrooms in Pensacola

Since naming it one of the top 20 winter remodeling projects, many of our visitors wanted to know more about the all-purpose mud room. Because it’s primarily a feature in homes located in northern states, some homeowners aren’t familiar with the term and don’t realize they have a mud room in their own home. The mud room can consist of a simple entryway where the shoes get wiped and the coats are deposited. In colder regions, families have a lot more bulk in the way of winter gear, boots, skis, hats, gloves, and the like, to defrost, so the receiving area is important enough to get its own special name. The following article describes the main features of this useful space, so you can determine how to enhance your own home’s mud room.

The various uses for a mud room include: 
— Receiving all incoming traffic. 
— Dropping off keys. 
— Storing uniforms, equipment, and clothing for outings, sporting events, walks, hobbies, and other recreation. 
— Getting geared up for events or bulking up according to the weather. 
— Drying off wet outer wear. 
— Storing dog food, soil, seasonal items, garden tools, laundry detergent, etc. 
— Drying a wet dog after a bath or romp in the woods.

You can enhance your mud room by: 
— Closing off a space in the garage in order to create a separate back entrance for the family through the garage or kitchen. 
— Installing a water-, stain-, and slip-resistant floor, such as one made from textured rubber, unpolished stone, or ceramic. A large, absorbent indoor floor mat might also come in handy. 
— Incorporating storage areas. This can include closets, wall-to-wall shelving, storage bins, hooks, or even a pull-out-pantry similar to what’s used in the kitchen.
— Incorporating a bench for sitting while you remove muddy shoes or fasten helmets.

Finally, a mud room should conform to your lifestyle, taking on different purposes for dog owners, singles, or large families. It’s tone will change from formal to casual, roomy or small, depending on whether it’s located at the front of the house, the garage, or beside the kitchen.